Working on The Parent Graduation Committee

04 April-2016

Since my sister and her husband are too busy with their jobs to help out with their daughter’s graduation, I thought that I would volunteer my time and help out. I have been there every step of the way for my niece Claire, and I thought that helping out with her graduation was the right thing to do. Working on the parent committee isn’t just doing organizing behind the scenes and it includes working at the many fundraisers for the after-grad party.
It has been a lot of work.

After our last grad committee meeting, I was assigned to find a gift for each of the graduates. The other parents wanted each graduate to have a gift to remember the year they graduated and the good times that they had in high school.

Graduation Bears Melbourne

That left me with many options. There was everything from clothing that we could get with the graduation year and crest of the school embroidered on it, to stuffed animals to mugs. The number of choices was overwhelming.

But I had to figure something out.


After looking through all of the options and consulting with a number of my friends, I decided that graduation bears were the best choice. We were able to get the year printed on the bears (“Class of 2016”) as well as the school logo imprinted on them. It was the perfect gift for the kids to remember their high school graduation and the fun times that they had there.
The rest of the graduation committee agreed.

While we still have a lot of work to do before the graduation ceremonies, everything is slowly coming together. It has been a good learning experience for myself, and I am really looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labor when we have the graduation ceremonies in a few months.

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