Wine Decanter – 1419


Glass wine decanter with aerator is the perfect partner for your favorite wine. The unique aerating system allows the wine to breathe as it is decanted and works as a pourer so you don’t waste a drop.

With this carafe you can decant your red wine. Decanting is nothing more than pouring the wine from the bottle into a carafe. This is done for a few reasons: First is to make the wine ”breath”. Oxygen has a positive effect on both the taste and the scent of wines, especially young red wines. The tannins will be softened and thus the taste of the wine will be softened. A second reason is to remove the sediment. This is only found in wine that is older than 8-10 years and makes the wine taste bitter.

Minimum order: 10pcs


210mm (h) x 190mm (Diameter).

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