Why Do You Need a Media Wall Banner to Increase Your Brand Visibility?

03 October-2022

If you have seen or attended a press conference or a high-profile or red-carpet event, you might have noticed a media wall banner set up where people take photos. It also serves as a backdrop that allows you to consistently build brand awareness, which is essential to successful marketing and public relations. With these in mind, you may want to consider its efficacy in boosting brand visibility at your next event.

Media wall banners are custom backdrops or logo walls that are portable and can be installed anywhere. They typically feature a pattern of repeating designs or logos to make them discreet at promoting brands without taking attention from the person or people standing or seated in front of them. Depending on your objectives and desired aesthetics, you can also use one full image as the design. Charities, politicians, sports teams, corporations, and businesses use media wall banners during major events, press calls, and media conferences.

Why do you need it?

The media wall banner can be a powerful promotional tool for your brand while giving you the chance to showcase the brands you’re partnered with. Here are more benefits to know of:

  1. Instant brand exposure

Is your event introducing or honouring a product or your brand? Use a popup media wall to feature your logo and some details about your brand. You can also use it to highlight sponsors and event organisers.

  1. Subtle advertising

media wall banner provides an unobtrusive way to promote your brand without being pushy. Despite this, it effectively communicates a strong marketing message to a broader audience.

  1. Social media exposure

People are likely to use it as their backdrop for photos or videos and post their content online, giving you instant brand exposure on social media. It may help create a buzz about your event, too.

All this will be possible only with a high—quality media wall banner. Be sure to work with a reputable manufacturer and supplier of media walls for your next event, so you are assured of the best materials and vibrant prints that can stand out.

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