Using Printed Power Banks to Promote Our Business

09 February-2016

Our business uses many different ways to get the word out about our products and services. We have tried everything from online marketing to traditional print advertising and even billboards. While some of these methods do work, we have had the most success sponsoring the local tradeshow.

Each year the tradeshow organizers hand out goody bags to the visitors attending the event. It gives all of the tradeshow participants the opportunity to provide each attendee with something that will make a lasting impression about their business.

Over the last couple of years we have tried using promotional pens and coffee mugs, but they didn’t get us the results that we were hoping for. What we needed to do was hand out something that people would use on a daily basis and provide us with the opportunity to reach as many eyeballs as possible. Ideally, we wanted something that a person would show their friends or talk about.

In the end, we decided to hand out custom printed power banks that had our logo and contact information printed on them. Considering how many people can’t make it through the entire day without having to charge their phone, it seemed like the perfect way to advertise our business.

People will appreciate the value that the power banks provide.

Prod-8M-2698While we have to wait until the weekend to see if we made the right choice, I am confident that the printed power banks will be well received by everyone and drive more business our way.


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