Use promotional eco green products to build an environmentally friendly brand image

27 November-2014

People are becoming more conscious about the environmental repercussions these days and like to know from where the products they use come from. Nowadays, customers like to associate themselves with those brands that share their environmental concern. This presents an excellent promotional opportunity for businesses to connect with such potential customers through eco-friendly products.

For many organizations, corporate social responsibility ranks high on the priority list as they are required to maintain high environmental standards for augmenting their brand image. Using promotional items that adhere to ethically sourcing and are made out of recycled, organic, or sustainable material tend to project an eco-friendly image that help businesses to tap into rapidly growing green products market.

Recycling reduces the consumption of natural resources as used materials are converted into new products. If this process is not followed, then to manufacture new products fresh raw material is required which will need mining and forestry for the extraction of natural resources. Recycled material needs appreciably lower energy during the manufacturing process than the material which is freshly extracted. Also, the cost associated with extracting, refining, and logistics with respect to new material increases the operational costs immensely. Since recycled material would not require such expenses, they tend to be more cost effective too.

Giving away eco green products generates a positive hype about the business as people will see your organization as a conscientious & accountable brand. This favorable image gets reflected on your company’s products as well and makes the brand even stronger. Going green is an ethically responsible choice that will also allow you to target certain groups that are avid lovers of recycled products. Some of the common promotional eco green products that you can effectively use for promotions include bags, pens, notepads, cups, calculators, seeds, wine holders, flashlights, highlighters etc.

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