Tips for Effective Use of Promotional Merchandise

16 August-2014

To create strong brand awareness, companies constantly come up with different advertising events. However, there is no need to spend ostentatiously every time on these promotional events. Promotional merchandise is an effective tool to create brand loyalty and for attracting potential customers. Some of the tips that can be helpful in choosing the right promotional item are discussed below.


Promotional item must be useful to the target audience. Sometimes after an exhibition you may end up with a lot of stickers, lanyards, folders etc. that you may never use. These items are ineffective way of promoting a brand and more importantly it is wastage of resources. Simple items such as pens, notebooks, sticky pads, t-shirts, bags etc. can prove to be better choices as these have more day-to-day utility. An automotive company can giveaway customized promotional automotive and car products to its existing customers.


If you give sub-standard pens that do not work even for a day to people it will have a reverse effect on your brand image. People associate the quality of your products and services to the quality of the giveaway promotional item. That doesn’t mean that you have to give expensive items for promotion. But make sure that the promotional merchandise is useful for the customers for a good amount of time.


Once you have chosen an item for promotion, the next step is to make sure your company information is well represented on the item. Sometimes it is not possible to put your company’s name, address, and logo on the merchandise together. In such cases, omission must be done carefully. It’s always a good idea to put company’s website on the item so that people can check it if needed. Vector based logos must be used for printing. Services of a graphic designer can also be taken if required.

Quality Targeting

There is a need to identify the target group which is most likely to use your products or services. Providing promotional items to everyone as in the case of exhibitions can be costly. If you are trying to reach your existing customers, then web analytics programs can easily help you to identify the customers who use your product often. Limit your promotional activities to places where you are more likely to find the potential customers. For example, an auto parts manufacturer can decide only to go to auto expo events to giveaway promotional automotive and car products.

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