Think Beyond those Traditional Promotional Products

29 April-2015

The promotional world is evolving at a rapid pace and like other marketing campaigns, it has become quite strategic in nature. The time when promotional items were only used to complement other marketing efforts has gradually ended and reckless mass distribution of the same overused merchandise such as plastic pens or lanyards doesn’t produce the desired effects anymore. In fact, nowadays recipients are more interested in those items that have high perceived value in addition to palpable utility.

Many research papers & surveys have already proven that the promotional items are extremely useful in increasing brand recognition and probability of future business with the recipients. However, this marketing method is going to be effective only if there is a uniqueness to the product which would make people to use it over the other companies’ promotional merchandise. Obviously, it’s easier said than done as it’s difficult to find an economical product which has high utility & perceived value for your specific target audience.

There are many examples that have proven that the promotional products do not need to be expensive for being appealing & effective. Even the traditional items can be tweaked to make them stand out from the crowd. For example, rather than using banally designed stick pens, go for stylus metal pens which are way more appealing and still are quite economical. Another example are printed promotional coffee mugs: in place of those old ceramic mugs, try more captivating travel mugs that come in sleek designs. Also, rather than going with the mass distribution strategy, adopt the target audience strategy which is more likely to bring potential leads.

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