Things to Know Before Buying Tablecloths in Melbourne

29 September-2022

Trade shows and marketplaces are some of the best events to increase engagement and expose your brand to more audiences. You just need ways to attract people to your booth. It’s all about capturing their attention and making the best first impression to get them to approach and ask you more about your business and what you’re offering. Besides having proper signage or a custom backdrop, consider investing in high-quality printed tablecloths in Australia. They will enhance your exhibit tables and help make your brand more memorable to your target audience.

Even if people don’t buy from your booth, they can recall your brand and approach you some other time when they’re ready. A custom-printed tablecloth can help them remember you, especially when it is carefully designed to reflect your brand and business. Moreover, consider these things before buying printed tablecloths so that you can get the best product for your upcoming events.

Know the table size

The event organiser should provide you with this information. Most event tables measure 6’ to 8’ feet wide and 30” x 30” deep, providing around 12 to 16 square feet of space for your design. That should be enough to fit your logo and other important design elements on the tablecloth.

Find out what attracts people to booths.

Consider elements like lighting and colour scheme before buying tablecloths in Australia. Find out the type and quality of the lighting in the event venue, and make sure it won’t make your tablecloth colours look washed out or dull. Try using a colour scheme that triggers certain emotions in your target audience, but make sure it is consistent with your branding.


Reputable manufacturers use high-quality fabrics to customise tablecloths in Australia. The options include vinyl, UV-resistant polyester, poly-spandex, and matte polyester. The choice is up to you and the tablecloth style you choose. For instance, matte or shiny polyester suits fitted tablecloths, and the poly-spandex fabric is ideal for stretch tablecloths.

The manufacturer

Partner with an established and experienced manufacturer of custom promotional tablecloths in Australia. They can help you design your tablecloth and ensure a high-quality and lasting product that can make a difference in your promotional efforts down the line.

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