The Ever-changing World of Promotional Products

17 March-2015

According to industry statistics, every year on an average companies spend $ 1.34 billion (in Australia) and $ 144 million (in New Zealand) on promotional products. In fact, an article published in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald last November accentuated that the Australian Government has spent in excess of $ 3.4 million on promotional products for foreign dignitaries and officials over the period of last 5 years. These are telltale signs that the efficacy of promotional products has increased by leaps & bounds. However, as with any other industry, promotional industry also requires to upgrade itself to be ready for new challenges & opportunities ahead. Qua Promotions, Melbourne, constantly scrutinizes market needs to come up with new & improved promotional products.

The effectiveness of promotional giveaways can be contributed to many reasons that actuate the recipients towards a favorable response. Through various studies it has been observed that these giveaways leave a positive response of the brand on the recipients and more importantly help in developing a psychological effect of reciprocating the favor which increases the probability of future sales. Also being appreciably cheaper than the most traditional marketing methods, they provide a great opportunity especially for smaller businesses to showcase their brand.

As the cost related to overseas manufacturing is constantly moving northwards, the need for regional manufacturing has become quite evident. The driving force here is minimal turnaround time, better safety regulations, and more control over the processes with respect to customization & upgradation. Like other marketing efforts, promotional campaigns are also needed to be integrated with other advertising activities such as CRM, SEO techniques, content management, market analytics, etc. so as to precisely target demographics and groups. We at Melbourne, continuously strive for improving our manufacturing & marketing processes so that we can offer quality promotional products at best possible prices to our client

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