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17 August-2015

Impressive Assortment Of High Quality Printed Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Who says that umbrellas are for summers & rainy season only! With the weather forecast of showers throughout the second week of August in Melbourne, you better be ready to carry an umbrella with you or become an easy victim of our old nemesis, common cold. Now this also presents an excellent opportunity for companies to continue promoting their brand in winter and get ever so needed branding impressions.

Printed promotional umbrellas are one of the very few traditional giveaways that are still extremely popular with the people as well as with the businesses. The primary reason behind this popularity w.r.t. recipients is their high utility. They are useful throughout the year be it summer, winter, or rainy season. Also, they have high perceived value which means that the recipients would value the gesture more and therefore are more likely to reciprocate it by buying something from the company in future or at least have a positive view of the brand. Both these effects are right at the top of the list of any company.


From the point of view of a business, other than high utility and perceived value, promotional umbrellas provide an easy and more cost-effective way of garnering branding impressions than traditional marketing methods. Because of the large surface area available for company’s logo, message and associated artwork, recipients walking down the street with these custom imprinted umbrellas will act as walking billboards carrying your brand around in a seamless manner! Also, as umbrellas have utility throughout the year and not just restricted to particular duration, you could ensure brand visibility right through the year at a minimal cost.

We have an impressive assortment of high quality printed promotional golf umbrellas as well as other types of umbrellas with full colour printing option. Choose from a variety of designs, patterns and colours according to your preferences.

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