Relevance of Promotional Products in Amplifying Branding Efforts

20 April-2015

Every company employs some sort of branding technique to strengthen their presence in the market. Depending upon the size of the business, organizations use print & digital media in various forms & varying volumes. These methods differ w.r.t. cost, effectiveness, ROI, and popularity. In recent times, marketers have shown exorbitant fondness for promotional items and billions of dollars are spent year after year on these items. In addition to being a highly potent tool for augmenting brand recognition, this promotional method is also extremely cost-effective & constantly delivers impressive ROI.

The primary role of promotional products in a marketing campaign is to improve the company’s visibility and help in creating a stronger brand with which people could easily relate; however, as with any other marketing effort, there is an underlying role of these merchandize which is to actuate the recipients to try the company’s products/services in the future. Through the years many surveys and research papers have confirmed the positive relationship between the promotional products and brand visibility. In fact, the psychological keenness for reciprocating the gesture is so powerful when a high utility free gift is received that the buyers even switch brands. This desired change in the consumer buying behavior is not induced so economically by any other promotional technique.

Due to the ubiquitous presence of technology around us, the most sought after promotional items are related to electronics. USB drives in this regard happen to be the most desired promotional gift with pedometers also quite popular as a fitness accessory. The traditional promotional merchandize such as pens & mugs are still favored by the recipients. Mugs not only provide high utility like pens but they also forge an emotional relationship with the recipient which creates a unique relation with the brand also.

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