Put Your Brand on Every Desk with Promotional Mouse Pads & Bar Mats

01 September-2015

Promotional Mouse Pads & Printed Bar Mats

Most of us make use of mouse pads virtually every day and thus it makes perfect sense for businesses to use them for improving their brand visibility. The first requisite for a promotional product to be successful is that it must provide good utility to the users; otherwise, it will be discarded and dumped with numerous other such giveaways that have no or little use for the recipients. Mouse pads & bar mats are used on a daily basis and therefore are more likely to provide substantial amount of branding impressions throughout their usable life than low-utility promotional products.

Promotional mouse pads and bar mats are excellent giveaways for tradeshows and exhibitions especially if you can pick the right one for distribution. It is imperative that you identify your target audience and know the place where the probability of finding them is the highest. Hence, if you are in automobile business, then an auto expo will make an excellent place for distribution. Also, being cheaper than many promotional products, mouse pads and bar mats provide more value for money and allow promoters to experiment more with the target audience size and distribution strategy.

mousematWe provide high quality promotional mouse pads and bar mats in several sizes, designs, and colours. Select mouse pads in various shapes such as circular, rectangular, and with & without wrist support types. Apart from mouse pads, we also have an impressive array of round or square coasters, medium or large bar mats, and small or large counter bar mats. Our 3-in-1 mouse pads are quite popular and have a soft upper surface made up of microfibers which is ideal for logo design and artwork through sublimation printing using CMYK and Spot PMS colours. The lower surface is made up of natural rubber to provide perfect grip. They can be used as a screen protector for your notebook, to clean the screen with their soft upper surface, and obviously as a mouse pad. They come in three different sizes: 230 x 180 mm, 275 x 160 mm, and 445 x 215 mm.

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