Protect People under Your Brand with Promotional Umbrellas

16 February-2015

Umbrellas have made excellent gifts from the time immemorial and are seen as extremely effective promotional giveaways as well. They have high perceived value and are appreciated as gifts by the recipients. This is one of more important desired effects of umbrellas as they help in actuating the recipients to reciprocate the favor by being open to try company’s products in the future. Thus they prove to be more than useful in changing consumer behavior. Located in Melbourne, we offer a plethora of custom printed promotional umbrellas in various colors, designs & patterns.

Many promotional merchandize happen to have smaller surface area which makes visibility of company’s logo & message an issue. Umbrellas on the other hand, provide ample space for company’s logo, message and customized artwork. No matter what the weather conditions are, be it sweltering heat or heavy downpour, these umbrellas will relentlessly continue to augment your brand visibility. Not many giveaways could be as effective as these stylish umbrellas are.

They also tend to strike a chord with every demographic and could be easily customized to target a particular customer base. There are different types of umbrellas available ranging from traditional umbrellas that can easily slip in a tote or briefcase to big golf umbrellas that provide huge spaces for artwork. There are various printing options available that provide different degree of color depth using different methods.

Distribute them outdoors during sports events such as golf, cricket matches, etc. when its quite hot or overcast or gift them to clients as corporate gifts. If you are participating in some business or sports events in Melbourne, then we can help you to choose the right promotional umbrella for your marketing efforts at highly competitive prices.

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