Promotional Products for Trade Shows & Exhibitions

27 May-2015

When it comes to increasing brand visibility there are no better options than trade shows and exhibitions. They provide a great opportunity to businesses to showcase their products/services and impress people with the innovative and interesting displays and promotional gifts. There are numerous merchandise which can help you to attract people to your stall and some of the noticeable ones are briefly discussed below.

Products for Trade Shows & Exhibitions


Promotional banners happen to be the first thing that people notice and interesting displays tend to bring in more people to your booth. Pop up banners and walls custom printed with the company’s logo and artwork provide the needed visibility. Pull up & tear drop banners offers the required flexibility & durability such that the entire set up is ready to use within minutes.

Drink Items

People get exhausted moving from one booth to another especially in the sweltering heat and distributing promotional drink items such as sports drink bottles could be a great way to increase brand recognition. People use these cost-effective stylish bottles at home, office, gym or even while commuting.


If there is major event happening in your local community or state, then you can show your support for that event (sports, charity, social campaign, etc.) with the promotional wristbands and silicon bracelets which have custom imprinted message along with your logo. They are economical, stylish and ideal for mass distribution.

Business Card Holders

They offer an elegant way to organize all business contacts and allow you to slip in your business details for future correspondence with the recipients. Whenever these custom imprinted promotional business card holders are used by the recipients during business meetings, conferences, etc.,your brand will get multiple brand impressions.


This is one item which draws huge crowd and is popular with every demographic. People wearing these items such a promotional apparel printed T-shirts act as walking billboards for your brand and garner multiple branding impressions.

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