Promotional Products for Augmenting Brand Recognition

13 July-2015

Popularity of promotional marketing has increased by leaps and bounds over the last decade or so and companies worldwide are investing appreciable amount of their marketing budget on these promotional products. There are numerous advantages provided by them over the expensive traditional methods. Today businesses, educational institutes, discussion groups, and even political parties for various campaigns are using promotional items to improve their brand visibility. Some key benefits of promotional items are discussed below.

Psychological Advantage

When people receive promotional giveaways, they tend to form a positive image of the company and are more open to try its products or services in the future. Also, the act of receiving something useful creates a sense of indebtedness and the recipients become more willing to reciprocate the gesture. This psychological advantage is quite oblivious from other marketing methods.

Extended Advertising Time

Usually a TV ad would give you a 2-3 week of airtime and a banner would be displayed for a month at best; on the other hand, promotional merchandise would keep on garnering multiple branding impression for your company till the time they are used. Custom imprinted promotional items such as bags, umbrellas, coffee mugs, watches, key rings, etc. have high utility and they are used for long periods of time such that they continuously keep on advertising the brand.

Cost-effective Alternative

If you are not a big organization and could not afford to spend aggressively on marketing, then promotional giveaways provide an excellent way to test the waters and create substantial brand awareness. Also, some of these giveaways such as pens, lanyards, promotional power banks key rings, etc. are tailor-made for mass distribution at tradeshows and exhibitions.

Effective Method for Maintaining Communication

Promotional giveaways provide an effective and efficient way to maintain a vibrant relationship with the high valued existing customers as well as with the clients. Other than this, they could be given to employees during various company related events to motivate them or to appreciate their work.

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