Promotional Products: Effective Way to Advertise Products and Services

17 September-2014

Companies around the world invest billions of dollars every year on promotional product marketing. Promotional items not only create an impact on the person who gets the promotional item but they also have the ability to spread the company’s message to the person’s extended social circle. Depending on the type of promotional merchandise used, this message can reach to even bigger audience also.

Cost-effective advertising method

Most of the promotional products are for daily use and therefore they are highly durable. Since they are used regularly they help to create more advertising impressions than any of the other advertising methods. Hence, even being cheaper than other advertising methods, promotional items prove to be more effective in creating brand recognition. People who receive promotional products from a company are more likely to remember the company later in comparison to those companies that they might have heard of in an event or exhibition.

Likability of promotional items

People like promotional products and use them at least once a week depending on the product’s utility. Companies constantly change their promotional items to keep up with their target audience. For example, electronics companies give away promotional USB flash drives to attract new customers. Companies buy these promotional USB flash drives at cheaper rates from various merchandise companies to gain advantage of economies of scale.

Psychology behind promotional products

Promotional items not only help in creating brand awareness but they are extremely effective in converting leads into sales. A referral request combined with a promotional product is more likely to get a response than the one without the free gift. It’s in our inherent nature to feel obligated to give back whenever we receive a gift from others. This helps in infusing loyalty in existing customers and in attracting new ones.

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