Promotional Coffee Cups and Mugs – Reasons Why They Are a Great Marketing Tool

20 February-2020

Like most people, you have probably received at least one or two promotional mugs for free. They are no doubt among the common items used for any kind of marketing campaign by business in different sectors. If everybody is using them, then why should you choose them, too?

It’s counterproductive to create your own promotional coffee cups or mugs because they’re so common, right? Wrong. Here’s a list of reasons why promotional mugs are timeless and will always be effective marketing tools.

Simple but effective

There is a reason pens and mugs are considered marketing classics. Both are items are used every day. This makes both of them extremely powerful in promoting a brand. Yes, they are simple-looking and not at all flashy, but they are effective in getting your brand out there in front of your target market. Just imagine how much impressions you will gain if the recipients use your personalised mugs every time they want to drink coffee or tea. That’s at least once a day and hundreds (even thousands) of times per year, all at a very low cost.

Consistent brand exposure

TV, radio, and social media ads may be good at reaching wider audiences, but promotional mugs are arguably better when it comes to brand exposure. Media ads are often seen as annoying and forceful. While promotional items also fall under ‘hard-sell’ advertising tools, they are less aggressive. Advertisers love them because they serve as subtle reminders that expose people to their brands without them realizing it.

These days, promotional mugs and coffee cups are made from different types of materials. Aside from ceramic, other popular materials include stainless steel, BPA-free polypropylene, and natural cork. Some of them have double walls and excellent insulation that keep drinks hot or cold for a long time. Mugs and cups also come in various designs to choose from. You can pick and customise unique promotional mugs according to your event’s requirements and specific marketing purposes.

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