Stress Balls

Custom Printed Stress Balls

Round stress balls are one of most popular stress items, it features big visibility and print space, a popular choice for promotional giveaway. Product is made with superior PU material, is wonderful for relieving tension and pent up frustration.

Your choice from over a dozen bright colours. Great to squeeze to relieve tension. Classic design gives your company name and logo all the attention. Absolutely perfect for trade shows, expos, conferences, and community events

Custom stress balls are always a hit in the office. Not only are they low costing, these stress balls are motivating and fun, keeping your clients and potential customers entertained for hours.

All stress items are handmade so no two pieces are exactly the same and colour may vary from each batch. As the stress items are hand cut, not all edges and mould lines will be consistently smooth, that is a given and is acceptable. White stress shapes will eventually turn yellow, sunlight and heat will accelerate this process. The special PU ink is transparent and impossible to guarantee a consistent, uniform imprint. A broad imprint area is subject to breaking up, the imprint may not be of a solid colour. The print is not permanent, as it will wear off after some usage. The PU sponge stress shapes will tear if enough force is applied

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