Wireless Chargers

Keeping up with technology by choosing wireless chargers.

Keeping up with technology will help put your business ahead and choosing Wireless Chargers as your next promotional tech gift is one smart way to do so. Customising wireless chargers as a promotional gift will keep your brand fresh with the tech savvy consumer. Personalised wireless chargers put your logo on a high-tech promotional gift!

Custom wireless chargers put your logo on one of the most innovative ways to recharge a smart phone or other device! The charging pad is normally plugged into a computer or power point via USB port for a power source, and then the phone is just placed on top of the charger! Your logo can be screen-printed, or full colour digitally printed for a truly elegant promo gift!

These are ideal executive gifts or for special customers and employees who love technology. Simplify your staff desk space by cutting the cord on their phone charging with these cool wireless chargers!

Using a Qi wireless charger is not as difficult as understanding the technology behind it. To use a Qi wireless charging stand, all you must do is place your compatible mobile phone on or near the charger. The convenience of a Qi charger is that you no longer need to drag around a charging cable, and they can also charge your mobile phone if it has a case that is less than 3mm thick.

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