Mirrors & Manicure Sets

Attract Specific Demographic with Stylish Promotional Manicure Sets & Compact Mirrors

You can never go wrong with these promotional Mirrors or printed Manicure Sets. They are as loved today as they were in the past. Distribute these day savers at hotels, spas, colleges or through direct mail to your existing customers. They make excellent promotional giveaways for cash-strapped businesses.

At Qua Promotions, Australia, you can find an impressive collection of promotional manicure sets and compact mirrors. They could be custom printed with the company’s logo in various branding sizes. These promotional manicure sets and compact mirrors are available in various designs and colours to add a splash of style to your promotional campaign.

Please send your requirements to sales@quapromotions.com.au and we will endeavour to get back to you soon as we can. You can also call us on (03) 9571 9277 to talk about obtaining the best prices for branded manicure sets or branded mirrors.

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