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Add a New Dimension to Promotions with our Promotional Measuring Tapes

Though not a run-of-the-mill promotional item, a measuring tape could be a practical giveaway that has more usage than most people think they would. Whether buying new furniture for home, installing new appliances, working in a store room, building or maintaining a home, measuring tapes are an inexpensive and handy item to have, this promotional giveaway provides high value at a low price.

Qua Promotions, located in Melbourne, offers a wide range of promotional measuring tapes that are custom printed according to clients preferences. They are a small, compact promotional item available in a range of styles and lengths which are easy to use. You can choose from a regular measuring tape to a waist tape, or even a retractable handyman tape or folding rulers. All these promotional measuring tapes are available at a highly competitive price that would meet your marketing budget.

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