Attract potential customers with these promotional magnets

Promotional magnets are traditional yet contemporary promotional items that could augment your brand visibility at a reasonable cost. The presence of a large surface area provides enough space to accommodate company logo and message.

At Qua Promotions, Australia, you will find a plethora of promotional magnets that come with a notepad, photo frame, and to-do list to provide added utility. Different types of imprinted promotional magnets offered by us include fridge magnet whiteboard in different sizes & colours, fridge magnet whiteboard in notepad, to-do list and photo frame variants available in rectangular and triangular shapes, magnetic jigsaw, car door magnet, and customised large magnets.

We only the highest commercial grade magnet. Made from a flexible rubber-iron compound it will never lose it’s magnetism. It features a non-marking material so it can be used on any fridge or fridge-like material with confidence. We use a High Definition CMYK Digital Printer to ensure photo quality prints in full colour and high detail.


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