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Show Care with these Promotional Health Care Products

Healthcare & Relax products provide an innovative way of promoting your brand. Promotional products such as sunscreens, hand sanitisers and lip balms are quite an effective way of promotion if you are targeting a specific demographic. We have a large variety of sunscreens, hand sanitisers and lip balms that you can choose from. These products are procured from all over the world and are of the highest quality.

Known to provide exquisite, ambient lighting and reduce stress, our Relax Candles collection is irresistible. Whether you want something small and subtle, or large yet delicate, the Relax Candles come in all sizes to suit your brand. Crafted of frosted glass and paired with a beautiful bamboo lid, the candles are sophisticated products and offer pristine branding.

Personalised Face Masks | Printed Face Masks

Made from soft stretch lightweight breathable material. These Adult size printed face masks are made with two layer material which can be reusable and machine washable. Used for protection against airborne dust, pollen, air pollution and more. Optional sleeve to insert your surgical mask or filter for extra protection.

Custom Printed  Promotional Candles

Custom meditation printed candles are a perfect relaxing giveaway to handout to clients and employees alike. Light up your company reputation with these promotional printed candles. Citronella is a natural insect repellent and this candle is perfect to keep the bugs at bay while camping or in the garden. All natural soy based candle which burns cleaner, longer and more efficient than paraffin with no petrol-carbon soot.

Personalise your custom scented candles with QUA Promotions.

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