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Get into soft messaging with these custom printed promotional Graduation Bears and Plush Toys. Soft messaging is an efficient and renowned marketing technique that allows companies to project themselves in a lighter vein. These promotional items are especially quite popular at charity events as they lend a caring image to the brand. At Qua Promotions, Australia, you can find riveting promotional plush toys such as plush bear & plush koala with optional printed Velcro backed T-shirts.

Want to get a gift for somebody who is completing their final year at school or university, a Graduation teddy bear is a great keepsake that they will cherish forever! We can print or embroider on the garment your school logo or message. Graduation bears are perfect for celebrating a special occasion like graduation ceremonies and can be included in a wonderful graduation gift.

Celebrate this year’s graduating class with a personalised graduation bear!

Personalising a graduation bear is easy! You can add special touches like a graduation cap, a gown, or even a ribbon in the colors of the university. To make it even more memorable, you may add the graduate's name or a personalised note. This gives the gift an original and considerate touch.
A personalised graduation bear is memorable because it's tailored to the graduate. It celebrates their achievement in a cute and enduring way. Adding personal touches like their name, graduation year, or a special message makes the bear a keepsake that holds sentimental value for years to come.
Yes, graduation bears come in various sizes and styles. You can choose from different bear colours and outfits to match the graduate's taste or university colors. Some bears are small and cuddly, perfect for a desk, while others are larger and make a bigger impact.
The time to receive a personalised graduation bear can vary. Generally, it takes a few days to personalise the bear and then standard shipping time. If you need the bear quickly, it's best to check with Qua Promotions for express options and estimated delivery times.
Absolutely! You can order a graduation bear for someone graduating from any university, including those in Melbourne. You can customise the bear to reflect the specific university's colors or mascot, making it a perfect gift for a Melbourne university graduate.
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