Confectionery Sweets

A Sweeter Alternative to Traditional Promotional Items

There are not many people who could resist confectionery sweets and this provides a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your brand. Promotional Confectionery Sweets are ideal corporate gifts for the festive season and special occasions.

Select from our wide range of promotional sweets that include flow wrapped chocolate balls, fruit jellies, customized mint tins, jelly beans, assorted toffees and many more. Due to our proficient sourcing methods we can deliver on the most challenging of promotional budgets so that your promotional message can reach to your target market in the most cost effective manner.

Make an impression with your next introductions. Why not consider distributing some great tasting promotional sweets with your business cards. You will certainly be remember and your clients will enjoy their free personalised confectionery gift.

Promotional mints come packed in many packaging options. Credit card mint, mints in cube, or tins are excellent choices when you want your logo to stand out. Mints are always ideal for the office reception, to keep in your golf bag or keep in your pocket.

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