Keep cool this summer with a cool printed promotional visor.

Promotional Visors are great custom giveaways for outdoor sporting events and make a clever accessory to go with an official industry uniform. These highly functional hats have many uses and are specifically designed to shield wearers from the sun’s harmful rays. When you hand out custom printed visors at an outdoor event, you are giving a practical, creative and long-term gift that will advertise your brand to the world. Many promotional visors feature sweatbands inside the brim to help your head stay dry. Athletes often wear promotional visors, and they are seen everywhere from the tennis court, golf course, the beach and the pool. Many golfers wear embroidered visors with their sponsor’s logos as they hit the course.

QUA Promotions have many summer visors to meet your promotional needs. While promotional visors are commonly worn on the sports field, there are many other uses for these branded headwear items. Custom Printed visors are some of the top giveaways at fundraisers. Is your company sponsoring a walk or other charity event to improve community relations? Consider distributing promotional visors to participants as they register or use them to reward top fundraisers for their efforts. This will not only enhance their team spirit; it will also increase their enthusiasm about your company. In addition to wearing their promotional visors during the event, recipients will likely wear them well after the event.

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