Calico Bags

Buy Promotional Printed Calico Bags in Australia

Green bags sold commonly sold at Coles and Woolworths are made of polypropylene, a type of plastic. Instead, opt for a reusable calico shopping bag. Custom printed calico bags are always a great idea promotional merchandise for your next business promotion. Our bags are cheap and are available in small qty’s. Starting at 25pcs.

Calico Bags are slightly more in price than our non-woven bags, but they are still a friendlier option for the environment than any plastic bag.

Qua promotions supply high-quality eco-friendly calico bags in many different colours and designs. These bags are great for carrying your catalogues and sample at tradeshow or conference events. With a large screen-printing area, they will show off your logo or design to everyone.

Qua Promotions offers a wide range of calico bags, perfect for promotions. You'll find everything from simple tote bags to drawstring bags and sturdy shopping bags. These come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different purposes. Whether you're planning a corporate event, running a store, or looking for giveaway items, there’s a calico bag to meet your needs.
Calico bags are a great choice for promoting your brand because they are practical and eco-friendly. They're strong and can be used over and over, unlike plastic bags. This means people carry your brand with them in their daily life, like when they shop or go to work. It's a smart way to show your brand cares about the environment.
Absolutely! You can customize calico bags with your company’s logo or any special design. This is a great way to make your brand stand out. Qua Promotions uses different printing methods to put your design on these bags. This makes them perfect for advertising your brand in a unique and eye-catching way.
Calico bags are environmentally friendly, which is a big plus for promotions. They're made from natural materials and are biodegradable, so they don't harm the planet like plastic bags do. Also, because they can be used many times, they help reduce the amount of waste we create. This makes them a responsible and green choice for promotions.
Promotional calico bags are a budget-friendly option for marketing. They're not only affordable but, also offer great value because they last a long time. Each time someone uses your branded calico bag, it's like a free advertisement for your business. This makes them a smart investment for any marketing campaign.
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