Non-Woven Bags

Custom Promotional Tote Bags

At QUA Promotions, we have a huge range of non-woven bags to meet your budget and delivery deadline. From our quick 3 working days service, 7 working days service, as well as our 30 working days, express China service.

A FREE giveaway Non-Woven bag with your logo is a great opportunity to connect your brand with the local community. A community event such as a school function or a local sporting team will appreciate your support more than you think.

If promotional merchandise doesn’t have any use for the recipient, then in all probability it will be thrown away or be added to numerous other such giveaways received in the tradeshows & exhibitions and would not see the light of day again.

A non-woven bag with your logo will be used over and over.

Qua Promotions is one of the leading makers and suppliers of non-woven tote bags in Australia. We work in the bulk gifting sector – our unique and innovative gift items are known for being industry-best items. We have a proven track record that speaks for itself. Three things that differentiate our service points from any other maker in the country are – our superior guaranteed quality of promotional items, our customer-centric printing and support services and our affordably priced goods.

Non-woven tote bags from Qua Promotions are made from fibres that are entangled together with the use of mechanical and thermal power but without the use of any kind of weaving mechanism.

  • Our tote bags are available in different colours.
  • Tote Bags are designed in various formats – with flaps and without flaps; zipped shopping bags; cooler carriers with and without zippers.

The major advantage of our tote bags is that they can be used effectively for promotional purpose. With abundance of space on all sides, each and every part of the bag can be used for printing company logos, contact details, messages, images and graphics. Qua Promotions offer in-house printing facilities too – which means you can place your order and get the bags printed from our store. Our printing capabilities are superiorly impressive to ensure you get a polished product.

Custom printed tote bags are an ideal gifting item. They can be used by corporates, NGOs, kitty parties, weddings and other social events for handing over takeaway gifts to guests. For companies and individuals that are looking at branding optimally, the gifts are great opportunities for custom printed messages and advertising.

Why Qua Promotions?

We have the expertise and the required experience to offer items that are made with finesse. Our products have an enhanced aesthetic look and appeal; helping you engage with your target clientele appropriately.

The goodness of the non-woven tote bags lies in the fact that they can be used for custom printing with greater flexibility than the woven ones. When you gift these unique items to your customers and guests, you meaningfully communicate your eco-friendliness and love for nature too. Most residents of Australia today are ditching plastic in favour of cloth woven and non-woven tote bags. These can be used for shopping, carrying lightweight items, water bottles and lunches. You have the choice to custom print the surface of the bags to display messages that you wish to communicate to your target market. With regular use, your customers will always be reminded of your brand every time – this way you ensure that you are always there at the top of their recall.

Gift custom printed tote bags at promotional events and leave your guests impressed beyond words. Get in touch with us for more details and elaborate choice of tote bags in Australia.

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