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Personalised Cooler Bags

Upholding the reputation of being the driest continent of the world, after Antarctica of course, Australian residents, throughout the country always keep themselves well-stocked up with liquids, at all times. Since drinks and juices are best enjoyed when cold, it becomes essential to keep a cooler bag by your side at all times.

The wine holders from Qua Promotions is the right choice as a branding and gifting item at corporate promotional and personal events.

How Qua Promotions personalized cooler bags are ideal for a corporate promotional event?

Different types of bags include different types of holders and are used by your customers and stakeholders to carry their water and drinks. Use our promotional Calico bags, backpacks and custom tote bags as a corporate gift because:

  • You can easily choose to brand the front and the back of the bag with your logo, USP, company details, contact, event details and more.
  • We provide options to choose from multiple colours, make, design, shape and size.
  • We offer Customer-friendly rates that fit perfectly within your marketing budget.
  • Spacious and flexible bags that suit multiple purpose – be it a cooler bag or even a lunch box.
  • They are made from the finest fabric; premium and niche looking.
  • Personalized bags are a style quotient for your clients as they carry their drinks to parks, offices, outdoors and indoors.

How are we different from other competitive products available in the market?

  • Vast choices

Our exclusive range consists of intricately and innovatively designed lunch boxes, Chill Cooler Bag, Double Deck Deluxe bag, Passage cooler bag, Beach Can cooler, Maxi Cooler, Single and Double Wine Holder, Sporty cooler, Multi Bottle holders, Tailgate Coolers, and even blanket and cooler set, radio coolers, Folda Bucket and more.

  • We are Australia’s leading online store for procuring the finest personalized cooler bags.

The goodness of personalized cooler bags is that you can choose to display any kind of information that you wish to pass onto to you clients, on the outside and the inside of these good-looking bags. The space available can be used as illustratively as your imagination stretches, embedded with graphics, texts, designs, logos, company message, any type of branding that your corporate policy permits.

These bags are your ideal accompaniment – be it an outdoor trip or daily movement, in and out of your office. Carry your drinks, beer, wine, lunch, snacks, with even the facility to carry your blankets, a sweater or even a lightweight jacket wherever you go in the Kangaroo country of Australia.

In the competitive world today, brands look out for innovative branding tools. Use Qua Promotions’ smart and trendy personalized cooler bags to use as an advertising weapon and create a loyal base of customers with an effectual printing and branded message.

Come, visit our online store and contact us to know more about the choices that exist and pick the best one that fits perfectly with your budget. Qua Promotions is one of the finest suppliers of bespoke carrybags and backpacks in Australia!

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