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Promotional Men’s Polo Shirts are an efficient way to promote your business. QUA Promotions have high-quality polo shirts which are the perfect way to ensure that your employees always look professional, as well as guarantee that your customers and clients will remember your business.

Promotional Polo Shirts provide a great opportunity for companies to use them to amplify their brand recognition. The importance of our polo shirts lies in the fact that they have high utility and perceived value which generally translate into future sales (in the case of potential customers) and customer loyalty.

We make ordering embroidered polo shirts so easy

Our minimum orders start at 10pcs and you can mix styles, colours and sizes to reach our minimum order requirement. Choose from many different materials such as 100% cotton, cotton mix, polyester or moisture-wicking blends. Men’s polo shirts are perfect for businesses, golf teams, the public sector and for charity events.

Our art department can take any design idea and turn it into a masterpiece for your company shirts.

If you have questions on fabrics, sizing or ordering, we are ready to help you now. What a great reason to Call QUA Promotions today for a quote.

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