Popular Giveaway Items that Suit Every Promotional Budget

02 December-2014

Promotional items have been proved to be quite effective in enhancing brand visibility as they not only create a positive impact on the person who receives the promotional item but they also have the ability to spread the company’s message to the person’s extended social circle as well. However, many businesses work on a tight promotional budget and couldn’t afford to spend lavishly on these promotional merchandize.

There are certain economical promotional items that have high perceived value. They make exceptional giveaway items for mass distribution at exhibitions, tradeshows, conventions, product launches, charity events etc. Some of these popular promotional items are discussed below.


They are the ultimate promotional items that are used more than any other type of giveaway products. Most of us would have used a promotional pen at home or at office. One favorable aspect of using promotional pens is that they found multiple owners over their usable lifetime which helps in creating more advertising impressions than most of the expensive promotional items.

Business card holders

Promotional business card holders are quite inexpensive way to increase brand awareness. They allow you to neatly organize all your business contacts that you received during tradeshows, product launches, exhibitions, and business meetings in one place. You can give your business card to your clients in them or distribute them during various company events.

Drink Bottles

You can find people using promotional drink bottles at gyms, offices, outdoor events etc. They do not require substantial amount of investment and yet are quite effective in creating strong brand recognition. They make a perfect giveaway item for exhibitions and tradeshows during those hot summer days.

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