Places You Must Use to Give Away Your Promotional Products

06 October-2014

Promotional products have proved to be one of the most effective advertising methods to increase brand visibility. To know where to use them is essentially as important as the product itself. To increase brand recognition you need to continuously find unique places to give away these promotional products.
Many companies missed the trick of using promotional merchandize in the right place at the right time. Some of the places where you can use your promotional products are discussed below.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions
There is no better place to advertise your brand than trade shows and exhibitions. A trade show booth which is giving away promotional items will always garner more public attention. It’s true that a good part of recipients would not be interested in your business at all but they still act as promoters of your brand. A person carrying your promotional bag, t-shirt or umbrella would still act as a walking billboard for your company.

Community Events
It’s always a good idea to participate in local events as they provide you a great opportunity to advertise your brand. Be it a musical festival, educational event or a marathon, giving away your promotional item in these community events will only help in augmenting your advertising campaign. Promotional items such as drinkware, wristbands, compendium, t-shirts etc. are quite popular in such events.

Company Events
Corporate events such as launching a new product, company parties, excursions etc. can be used to distribute your promotional merchandize. Appreciating your employees or thanking your clients for business with promotional corporate gifts proves highly effective. Promotional items such as business card holders, compendium, BBQ sets, watches etc. can be used for these events.

Promotion through Website
You can run contests and other events on your website to give away promotional products that your customer base finds important. You can also use emails for distributing your promo items too. Using other non-competing websites to give away your promotional item on their websites could also prove to be useful.

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