Our Tips on Attracting Your Audience with a Printed Tablecloth

24 September-2022

When your business participates in any event, your objective is to capture people’s attention, make a strong and memorable first impression, and make a sale. With limited booth space, a typical banner or signage may not fit. That doesn’t mean you should settle for a small sign you can prop up on your table. Using a printed tablecloth can make a difference in making your brand stand out as it competes with other businesses in the same event.

Even for bigger and spacious booths, printed tablecloths can aesthetically enhance the display and setup to attract more potential customers. Ensure yours is appropriately designed and printed on high-quality fabric to make the best impression each time. Here are more tips to help you attract your audience with a printed tablecloth:

Know the size of the tables

Ask the event organisers about this. Most trade show tables are around six to eight feet wide, 30” tall, and 30” deep. This standard size should provide plenty of canvas space for a logo, brand name, and marketing message as your design. It also provides sufficient space for setting up demos and displays of your products on the tabletop. In most cases, the size of your table is related to your booth size.

Optimise your design

Factors like the colour scheme, signage, and lighting can attract your audience to your booth and table. Consider colours that can evoke certain emotions in people, but ensure they are related to your brand. Your signage can play a role, too. If you have limited space, consider a high-quality pull-up banner to go with the printed tablecloth.

Make it unusual

Most tablecloths are thrown over a table with a loose and flowy fit, but some are meant to fit snugly, creating a modern and sleek aesthetic. Stretch and fitted tablecloths can do that, but make sure the design is printed well to avoid looking stretched out.

Keep it simple

Avoid an overwhelming or overcrowded design on your printed tablecloth, as that could confuse your audience, and they wouldn’t know where to start looking or reading. Choose a minimalist but impactful design that will easily draw attention to your table.

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