Most Popular Promotional Products

09 September-2014

Promotional products provide a cost-effective marketing method which is immensely helpful in brand recognition. There is a plethora of promotional items to choose from but not all of them are equally effective. There are a number of different variables that contribute towards the success of promotional merchandise. Some of the more popular promotional products are discussed below.

Customized Promotional Pens

Budgets for promotional items are not as high as for the other marketing methods; so while choosing a promotional product companies look for those products that can give them the highest returns. Pens due to their high utility are one of the most used promotional products. Most of us would have used a company branded pen at some point or the other. The good thing about pens is that they found multiple owners over their usable lifetime. Hence, they create more advertising impressions than most of the other promotional items.


Bags are also used frequently for promotions. Though they are relatively more expensive than pens, they provide the same effect on the target market. Consumer electronics companies give away free laptop bags to college students to allure a younger demographic, travel & tourism companies provide backpacks to their customers to encourage loyalty, and sports gear companies give away sports bags to increase brand awareness.

Customized Shirts

Shirts are one of the most used promotional items. The people wearing promotional shirts act as walking billboards for companies. However, the quality of these shirts must be as good as possible. No one likes to wear a substandard shirt or a shirt that fades off pretty quickly.

IT Accessories

Companies are increasingly using IT accessories as promotional items to target a younger demographic. Products such as USB drives, Bluetooth devices, mouse pads etc. are increasingly replacing traditional promotional items.

Drink Items

Items such as coffee mugs, travel mugs, bottles, flasks etc. have high utility attached to them. People tend to keep coffee mugs for a long time because once they get used to the feel of the mug, they find it hard to change it. People take these drink items to office too, which further increases the visibility of brands.

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