Market Your Brand with Affordable Personalised Coasters

04 February-2020

A personalised coaster may seem simple but it is actually a very powerful marketing tool when used correctly. It might not seem impressive; after all, it’s just a small piece of cork where you place your mug of coffee or your beer to protect your table from spills, right? Personalised coasters might seem unremarkable, but for marketers, they are gold. In fact, they are now among the top promotional items used by big brands from around the world.

Here are the surprising benefits of personalised coasters that will surely convince you to use them on your next campaign:

1. Affordable quality

Beverage coasters have gone a long way from being disposable cardboards that they were known before. Today, suppliers of promotional products have introduced elegant-looking coasters made from a wide variety of materials—including PU leather, acrylic glass, silver aluminium, stainless steel, wood, and PVC. The good news is that regardless of the material they are made from, coasters remain affordable. You can use them as promotional gifts for potential customers and as corporate gifts for your existing clients.

2. Highly customisable

Worried that your branded coasters will look too similar to other the promotional coasters of other companies? Not a problem. One great thing about coasters is that they come in different shapes and sizes. More importantly, they are highly customisable, allowing you to create attractive promotional items unique to your brand. In fact, even personalised wooden coasters can be customised. Leading suppliers can print and engrave any artwork on any surface or material, be it a logo, some text, or photo.

3. Practical and useful

Like other popular promotional items, coasters are also practical and functional. They’re handy items that people tend to use regularly. This ensures ongoing brand exposure for little money.

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