Light up Your Branding Program with Promotional Torches

12 June-2015

Torches are not like typical run-of-the-mill giveaway products such as pens & notepads that you receive at every exhibition & trade show. Combined with high utility and durability, they seamlessly deliver high perceived value every time. This essentially means that the likelihood of converting the recipient into a future customer is higher in the case of torches when compared with certain traditional items. The fundamental psychological reason behind this is that the recipient feels obliged to return the favour when he/she receives something valuable. Hence, if distributed wisely, torches could prove to be a quite effective promotional product.

Torch are tailor made to be used as a corporate gifts

We have a large assortment of different types of promotional torches which are available in various colours, sizes, designs, and price bands. From compact & sleek LED torches to multi-purpose radio torches, you will find here a wide range to choose from. Try some innovative & exciting options such as solar torches that project your company as an eco-friendly brand or go for the classical dynamo torches that use crank action to recharge the battery (great option while out of the house for an extended period of time). Torches such as our explorer torch are tailor made to be used as a corporate gift, so the next time when your client uses your torch to navigate through the dark, he/she will definitely appreciate the gift.

The are several places (outdoor events) where you can use printed torches to increase your brand visibility. LED torch keyring, torch opener, etc. are ideal for trade shows and exhibitions because of their cost-effectiveness and compactness. Hotels and resorts are also great places for such distributions as guests tend to explore nearby places till late at night. Night events such as product launches, sports events, local festivals, etc. provide an excellent opportunity to augment brand recognition. You can also participate in environmental awareness campaigns and distribute solar torches to show you support for such important causes.

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