Know the Basics of Different Printing Methods Used

10 March-2015

Many times while ordering for promotional products you must have wondered that which printing style would be the best for your order. With different printing methods such as screen printing, digital printing, sublimation, debossing/embossing, pad printing, embroidery, laser engraving etc. at display, it is quite natural to get befuddled by all those technical terms. It is important to note that different methods are suited for different materials & shapes and the same method could not be used on every product. Located in Melbourne, we use the best printing techniques for our promotional products keeping in mind the material, size, & shape of the items.

Some of the popular printing techniques used are briefly explained below-:

Screen Printing

In this method, the required ink (as approved in the proof of the artwork) is applied directly to the surface of the product. Before doing so, the approved proof (logo, name, message, etc.) is photographically transferred to what is known as a screen (woven mesh) via a stencil which blocks ink at certain parts to provide the desired design. Here, different stencils are required for transferring different colors to the surface. It happens to be one of the most cost-effective printing technique which is used generally on bags, t-shirts, drink items, etc.

Digital Printing

It is a process of transferring digital artwork onto a surface with the help of electrical devices that could take graphic & text as output. Most commonly used such devices are laser & inkjet printers. Digital printing is what you need if you want to go for full-color (or CMYK) printing. It is generally used for mouse pads, notepads, magnets, etc.

Pad Printing

In pad printing, ink is transferred to the product’s surface through a silicone pad which is first pressed through an inked plate that has the required artwork design and then onto the actual surface to give a sharp and contrasting design. In Melbourne, we use this printing method for many of our promotional products such as calculators, sunglasses, business card holders, notepads, etc.

Sublimation Printing

This technique requires the use of a printer that uses a special kind of ink (conversion directly from solid to gas) which is applied to the surface through measured amounts of heat & pressure. If you want to print on hard surfaces such as mugs, metal plates, etc with high accuracy, then it is your safest choice. It is also used for towels, mouse pads, magnets, etc.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving printing produces distinctive designs with the help of a laser beam which repeatedly moves over the printing surface till the design is completed. It’s a clean and simple way of printing and is quite popular with products such as metal pens, drink items, glass objects, wooden items, etc.

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