Improving Efficacy of Promotional Products

20 July-2015

As been discussed in the earlier posts, promotional products provide many advantages over the traditional marketing methods. However, to achieve maximum out of this marketing strategy, it is imperative that they are used effectively taking into account certain factors. These factors that play a pivotal role in deciding the efficacy of these promotional items are briefly discussed below.

Promotional Merchandise A Utility Factor

If a promotional merchandise doesn’t have any usefulness for the recipient, then in all probability it will be thrown away or be added to numerous other such giveaways received in the tradeshows & exhibitions and would not see the light of day again. Custom Printed Promotional items with high utility such as bags, umbrellas, coffee mugs, drink items, sunglasses, watches, t-shirts, etc. are able to garner continuous branding impressions throughout their usable life.

Quality Factor

No matter what type of products you are distributing, their quality is of paramount importance. The recipients of promotional items inevitably will relate quality of these items with the quality of company’s products and services. If your giveaways are not durable enough, then they will have a negative impact on your brand image even if they have high utility.

Logo Design & Artwork

It is important that the custom imprinted content on the promotional giveaway is captivating and relevant. There are certain products that are too small to accommodate logo, name of the company, website address, and message. Hence, content omission must be done carefully in such scenarios. Include only that much information on the product that is critical to your brand such as logo and exclude other details if necessary. Also, due to the scalability advantage, it is always prudent to go with vector graphics.

Audience Targeting

Rather than distributing promotional merchandise to everyone, it’s better to restrict it to your target audience. The critical part here is to know where you are most likely to find your targeted customer base. For example, if you are in the manufacturing of cosmetic products then rather than going to an IT event it would make more sense to distribute promotional merchandise at a hair expo or health & lifestyle expo.

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