Impact of Google’s Mobile-friendly Ranking Algorithm on Promotional Industry

13 May-2015

At the end of the last month, Google made significant changes in its search engine ranking algorithm and many experts predicted that these changes will have catastrophic effects on many websites. Not elaborating on the specific numbers, Google told that the mobile-based search queries have officially overtaken the desktop-based search queries which made these changes inevitable. In many industries across the world, m-commerce has already superseded the e-commerce platform and others are believed to follow suit. But the question remains whether the promotional product industry would be affected as much by these changes as other industries might be.

The dynamics or the working mechanism of every industry is different such that one platform used to communicate with the potential clients would be more effective and relevant than the other platforms. Rather than rushing to make your website mobile-friendly, it is better to analyze all the relevant factors in play. If the aesthetics and content on your website is not pertinent to your products/business, then making it mobile-friendly would not solve the problem. So, it is better to first work on these aspects before aligning your website with these algorithm changes.

If your website is not optimized correctly i.e. the SEO ranking is low, then even making it mobile-friendly will not bring the desired results. In fact, Google recently corroborated this point by commenting that while the mobile friendly websites will get more weight but the overall ranking will still be dependent on the relevance of the content with the query. This essentially means that if the content on the website is fresh/original and relevant to the search query, it will still be ranked pretty high on the search engine result pages.

The most important point which shows that these changes will not have a huge impact on the promotional product industry is that the nature of promotions is such that you will not suddenly have the desire to search for a promotional agency sitting at home or while commuting. The majority of search queries still would come from desktops rather than mobile devices. However, the paradigm shift from desktops to hand-held devices is going to impact even traditional businesses in the future and it’s only prudent to progressively make your website mobile-friendly.

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