Get Ahead of the Competition with Stylish Promotional USB Flash Drives

13 August-2015

A Plethora Of Quality Promotional UBS Flash Drives

There are not many promotional products that attract the attention of people as much as promotional USB flash drives do. Be at home or office, we all spend a good amount of time on computers & laptops, thus making USBs a great promotional giveaway for most demographics. Because of high utility and acceptance among recipients, USBs prove to be highly effective in positive branding of a company. If a company correctly identifies its target base, then USBs could seamlessly provide all the benefits that we seek from such giveaways like swiftly garnering multiple brand impressions, creating a psychological relationship with the brand, higher retention (if given to existing customers), better chances of future sales, etc.

Here at Qua Promotions, you will find a plethora of quality promotional UBS flash drives in various colours and designs such as swivel, curve, orbit, glide, paper clip, key ring/bottle opener, wristband, lanyard, string, credit card, action figure, plastic/metal pen, bamboo/wood etc. If you want these USBs to replicate your logo or any other design than mentioned above, we can also do that for you with our custom made USBs. There is a number of printing options available as well such as full-colour digital print, laser engraving, pad print, and embossed. Select from various material types like aluminium, plastic, bamboo, leather, chrome finish and wood. Not only that, we also allow clients to choose from different packing options such as magnetic box, leather/velvet pouch, metal tin boss, etc.

One of the most popular designs for our clients is our custom printed credit card USB. The other style is the swivel as it provides more printing options because of its stylish metallic hinge which makes laser engraving possible in addition to full-colour printing. Another popular design curves which have a captivating metallic body with a sturdy plastic finish. Apart from custom imprinted promotional USBs, we also have promotional power banks which are available in various designs, material types and colours.

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