Everything You Need to Know About Exhibition Banner as a Marketing Tool

17 September-2022

On your quest to find the perfect marketing tool, you’ll probably stumble upon the exhibition banner. It may seem an affordable and straightforward way to advertise or promote something, but it can make a big difference in your marketing efforts by enhancing your presence during events like trade shows and expos. Here’s everything you must know about using exhibition banners as your marketing tool:

How does it work?

When your business is in any event, one of your objectives is to attract the attention of your target audience and make them come to your booth. That doesn’t mean setting up a gaudy and eye-catching display. After all, you still want to look professional while showcasing your brand well. Exhibition banners can help with that, as they allow passersby a glimpse of what you are offering. Something as simple as a budget pull-up banner may even spark a potential customer’s interest and engage them effectively.

Compact and effective

The pop-up or pull-up banner is the most convenient exhibition banner because of its compact footprint. The sturdy base allows it to stand independently and fully show your custom graphic print on durable fabric. It is lightweight, too, so you can bring or transfer it around your booth effortlessly.

Attractive prints

Manufacturers use durable fabrics like 340gsm Matte SandTex poly fabric and 440gsm ultra-smooth vinyl and use high-quality inks to print your full-colour design on your preferred material. Matte poly is perfect for indoor use and provides a non-reflective finish that vibrantly shows photographs. Vinyl is ideal for displays potentially exposed to rain, moisture, or UV heat. This time, the design is printed with UV ink that resists heat and sunlight with no curl.

Make a bigger impact.

Did you know it’s possible to print a double-sided exhibition banner? That means extending your display affordably and innovatively. Manufacturers use double-sided stretch fabric and dye-sublimation printing to make your design pop anywhere your banner is placed.

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