Encourage Employee Wellness with Promotional Healthcare Products

14 April-2015

Employees are referred as human capital as they are the most precious asset of any company. The health of your organization is directly related to the health of your employees. It’s often noticed that the productivity of employees go down due to cold & flu which are communicable diseases. Promotional healthcare products not only improve hygiene in your office but also create a strong association with the brand among your employees. Furthermore, they also augment brand visibility when distributed to clients or existing customers.

Some promotional healthcare products that can protect your office from turning into post-apocalyptic cold & flu zone are briefly discussed below.

Hand Sanitisers

Apart from communicable through air, germs can easily transfer when you share files, pen, notebook, calculator, etc. with other employees. Hand sanitiser can come to your rescue in these situations and you can rest assured that you’ll have germ-free hands after using it. In addition to office, when people use these custom printed hand sanitisers in public, your brand gets added impressions.

Drink Bottles

It may seem that they are not directly related to healthcare, but as advised by doctors, drinking lots of fluids is essential to regain energy and fight dehydration. Customized drink bottles will help to keep your employees energised as well as promote your brand.

Lip Balms

Cold will leave you with dry and unpleasant looking lips that may jeopardise your impression on an important client meeting. A company branded lip balm would instantly solve this problem and also help in improving brand recognition.


Protect your employees from harmful ultraviolet radiations with custom imprinted sunscreens. These sunscreens block UVA & UVB rays that are responsible for causing skin cancer, accelerated skin ageing & eye damage.

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