Effectiveness of Promotional Products

30 September-2014

Many people are extremely skeptical about the efficacy of promotional products and wonder whether there any benefits of using them. There is a simple answer to this question and it’s a resounding yes! There are myriad advantages provided by these promotional items. Different surveys have proved that promotional products do help in increasing companies’ visibility.

A survey conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) showed that 94 percent of interviewed people were able to remember the promotional products they received in the last 2 years and 89 percent were able to remember the name of the brand also. Hence, brand recognition is augmented by such items.

Most people like to get promotional products and depending on the utility of the item received they are also used regularly. This increases the visibility of the brand not only in the social circle of the person who received the promotional item but beyond that too.

When compared to print and electronic media, promotional items still score over them in terms of lead conversion. People who receive a promotional item tend to feel a psychological urge to give something in return. This coupled with the feeling of gratitude increases the probability of converting leads into actual sales.

Promotional items such as pens, coffee mugs, fridge magnet to-do list, t-shirts, bags, umbrellas etc. are popular with every demographic. Unique promotional items such as USB flash drives, business card magnets, BBQ sets etc. project your brand as modern and stylish. One reason why people love to visit trade fairs and exhibitions is to get these free promotional items. This provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to increase their brand visibility and generate potential leads.

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