Custom-Printed Marquees— Benefits of Using It as a Promotional Tool

12 September-2022

Are you looking for ways to attract attention during an event? It’s hard to fail when you have custom-printed marquees. They are not your ordinary tents because they are customised with your unique design, colours, and logo, making them effective as promotional tools. Many discerning business owners invest in high-quality printed marquees to stand out during events like sports competitions, trade shows, flea markets, and more. Here are the benefits you can expect from doing the same:


Branded marquees are versatile for many events. They provide a distinctive place for your business to accommodate new customers and provide shelter to staff and some clients during inclement weather when you’re outdoors. Some tents can also be used indoors, especially if you’re participating in a trade show and want prospects to spot your booth easily.

Easy to set up and take down

It doesn’t take much effort to set up custom-printed marquees. Manufacturers supply them with robust aluminium hex frames to ensure durability and sturdiness. The tents come with a wheeled carry case that protects them during transport or storage.


Promoting a business can be expensive, especially when you frequently participate in events. You can save money by using custom-printed marquees.

Your marquee can go a long way in your promotional efforts because it is reusable. That means you’re getting more ROI compared to traditional promotional methods. Reputable manufacturers ensure durable prints and fade-proof colours by printing on 600D-grade Oxford fabric, which is fireproof, waterproof, and UV-resistant.

Designed your way

Do you have a specific design in mind? Discuss them with a maker of custom-printed marquees, and its in-house design team will work with you to bring your ideas to life. You can have a full-colour rooftop, side walls, and a back wall, with double- or single-sided printing. Rest assured, your custom marquee will represent your business and brand in a professional manner to help you make a lasting impression on everyone.

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