Create a Timeless Emotional Bond with your Audience through Promotional Photo Frames

17 June-2015

When it comes to connecting with your target audience on an emotional level, there is perhaps not a better promotional item than a photo frame. Companies around the world spend millions of dollars every year on emotional branding so that they can ensure continued business from their customers. In fact, this type of branding, in many cases, supersedes marketing done on the basis of prices, exclusiveness, innovation, etc. Retention & loyalty are two important products of emotional branding as customers associate their good memories with the brand thus creating a long lasting relationship.

Create a positive impact with a stunning printed Photo Frame

Promotional photo frames make excellent gifts for employees, clients, and loyal customers. You can give them to your employees on events such as retirement, appraisal, excellence awards, etc. for appreciating and recognising their work. Not only it provides a sense of association but also motivates the employees to excel at work. When given to clients as a corporate gift to thank them for business, they seamlessly create a positive impact for your brand as clients will start to associate these photo frames (and your company) with things they cherish and hold dear.

Last but not the least are your valued loyal customers. They may not be huge in numbers but they are the ones who make sure that you maintain your bottom-line profits if not improve it. As photo frames have high perceived value in addition to obvious emotional value, they indirectly influence the consumer buying behaviour so that the recipients in a way become passive to various other differentiation marketing strategies. Hence, photo frames can prove to be highly potent in improving your brand recognition if targeted effectively.

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