Consistent Performers in the Promotional Products Industry

04 May-2015

You can find thousands of promotional products for your campaign but there are only a handful of these items that have stood the test of time. These items triumph over the other promotional items in terms of popularity, demographic neutrality, high utility, cost-effectiveness, and high perceived value. All of these features are quite imperative to produce the desired effect. Some of the more popular promotional merchandise in Melbourne are discussed below.


Promotional drink items such as sports bottles, coffee mugs, travel mugs, flasks, etc. have always been well received. Sports bottles & coffee mugs are extremely famous as they are economical and provide high utility. They could be used at home, office, or while on the go.


Promotional bag is another item which has high perceived value. Their high durability ensures that the company’s logo & message imprinted on the bag would be advertised for a very long time. These multiple branding impressions come at a fraction of the cost of billboard marketing. In this category, non-woven bags, sports bags, and backpacks are quite popular.


The primary reason that promotional t-shirts are loved by the marketers is that they provide ample space for company’s logo & artwork and recipients moving around wearing these t-shirts act as walking billboards for the company. Though, the quality of these t-shirts must be good as they in a way represent the quality of the organization’s products/services.


There is no conversation about the promotional marketing that would end without mentioning the perennial king of promotional items: pen. Most of us at some point in time have had used promotional pens. May be you have one on your desk right now! The biggest advantage of pens is that because of their cost-effectiveness they are the first choice for mass distribution. Promotional merchandise companies nowadays offer pens in elegant designs & colors that add to the overall appeal.

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