Common Mistakes in Choosing Promotional Products

11 September-2014

Promotional products are extremely effective in creating brand awareness as well as in increasing sales. They provide companies a great opportunity to tap into emotional marketing. However, if not planned carefully, it can backfire pretty quickly. Some common mistakes that are made while choosing promotional products are discussed below.

Low Quality Products

Many companies don’t like to invest in good quality promotional products as they are not sure about the return on investment. However, low quality products would give the impression that the other products and services of the company are also of the similar nature and this will act as a serious impediment to brand building.

Essentially, this is a problem of quality v/s quantity. It’s better to first determine your target market and then provide quality promotional products to them rather than providing low quality products to anyone you can find.

Product Utility

Giving away products that end up in drawers for never be used again defeats the entire purpose of promotional marketing. The utility of the product holds paramount importance while deciding on a promotional item. Those items that you see often at office or home generally make the best promotional items.
Promotional drink items such as mugs, bottles, and flasks have high utility throughout the year and have longer life than many traditional promotional items. High utility items such as pens, cups, office supplies, notepads, and clothing are also frequently used for promotions purposes.

Too much Information

A promotional item that is loaded with every possible detail about the company loses its primary purpose of brand recognition. A lot of unnecessary information about the company on the merchandise makes reading difficult especially if the item is small. Products such as promotional drink items provide more space for creativity in design but in most case it’s sufficient to have company’s logo and website address on the promotional item.

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