Can a Branded Tablecloth Really be an Effective Advertising Tool?

07 September-2022

The branded tablecloth is one of those products you’ll likely find as you explore more ways to attract your target audience to your trade show booth. You might even read from other businesses how effective it is for their branding efforts, making you want to try it, too.

But is it a great investment? Can it boost your advertising efforts? Why can’t you use a regular tablecloth or leave your table bare? Those are just some mind-boggling questions you might have that require immediate answers. Look no further because here are reasons why branded tablecloths are great advertising tools.

Establish your brand, reputation, and professionalism

branded tablecloth easily enhances the look and feel of your booth, starting at your table. It can serve many purposes, from branding to marketing and advertising, making it practical for many industries and applications, such as career fairs, trade show booths, athletic fairs, flea markets, farmer’s markets, and information booths. You also get a high-quality advertising tool that effectively reflects your professionalism to prospective clients or customers.

Influence your audience’s buying decision

It takes only a few seconds to capture someone’s attention and make the right impression, especially in bustling events. Branded tablecloths with bold colours relevant to your brand, easy-to-read fonts, and a minimalist design can make a big difference in achieving those objectives.

You can also use specific colours to evoke specific emotions. For instance, red increases appetite and heart rate, making it ideal if you’re selling food. Orange promotes feelings of happiness and joy and is used by luxury brands. Green is associated with nature, making it perfect for sustainable brands.


branded tablecloth has more potential for offering higher ROI than other traditional and expensive advertising tools because it is reusable. High-quality tablecloths are durable and made with the best fabrics that retain their colours and print, even after several washes or exposure to UV light. They are compact and easy to bring anywhere, too.

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