Benefits of Promotional Merchandise

29 August-2014

Promotional merchandise is a useful marketing tool that can help companies to improve their brand recognition and reputation. These merchandise increase brand exposure, as these items are difficult to miss while you are at office or in public places. Not only they help to create an impact on the person who got the item but others also get to know about your brand. Nowadays, companies can go online to buy promotional items such as pads, key rings, cups, calculators etc.

Promotional items are used by new companies to attract potential customers, whereas established companies use them to create brand loyalty in the existing customers. Some of the benefits of promotional merchandise are discussed below.

First point of contact

When a person receives a promotional gift, the relationship with the brand gets started from there. The person is more likely to reciprocate the gesture in future and can see the company as a destination for future purchases. Through different studies it has been found out that the feeling of reciprocity force people to buy from a company that gave them the merchandise.

Captivating Potential Customers

No one would shy away from the free stuff and if it’s relevant then there is a better chance that people will be attracted to your exhibition stall. Through word-of-mouth, more people will know and look for your stall. Every promotional item given would ensure that your brand is advertised to a larger audience. Companies can buy promotional merchandise like calculators, pens, or t-shirts etc. online to further reduce the merchandise cost.

Long term advertisement

Television ads may run for two weeks, billboards for a month but a promotional item may give your brand an extended exposure. Items such as diaries, key chains, pens, t-shirts etc. are not expensive but they have long utility. Hence, they will themselves advertise your brand for longer period of time.

Building Brand Reputation

People who have got the promotional merchandise from a company are more likely to remember the brand for a long time and they also appreciate good gesture shown by the company. This helps in creating a favorable image of the company in the minds of the recipients.

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