March 2015

The Ever-changing World of Promotional Products

17 March-2015

According to industry statistics, every year on an average companies spend $ 1.34 billion (in Australia) and $ 144 million (in New Zealand) on promoti ...

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Introduction to Commonly Used Printing Terms

12 March-2015

You may get flabbergasted when you here the term PMS with printing or for that matter vectored art. Such terms will come up often when you discuss pri ...

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Know the Basics of Different Printing Methods Used

10 March-2015

Many times while ordering for promotional products you must have wondered that which printing style would be the best for your order. With different p ...

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Make Recipients Carry Your Brand Around with Promotional Bags

04 March-2015

The primary goal of any promotional effort is to create as many branding impressions of the advertised product/service as possible. More brand visibil ...

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